Model Spotlight: Makinna

I love being a small business owner and getting to spotlight real women doing great things! The women I use to model my clothes are my friends and family. These are smart, talented, successful women who are beautiful inside and out. 

Meet my best friend, Makinna!

Makinna is our friend group's designated "it" girl. Always up to date on the latest trends. Anything I know about style or make up probably came from Makinna. She  graduated from Missouri University of Science and Technology with her B.S. in Chemical Engineering and with minors in Engineering Management and Chemistry. She now works for Accenture as a Management Consultant. When talking about how we first met she said,” We first met when I was a freshman and AJ was a sophomore and instantly knew I wanted to be her friend and then became best friends while suffering through ChemE classes together.” A fun fact about herself is she and her sister are dating best friends and her favorite vacation was when she went to Hawaii. She’s a passionate chief at home and a full time dog mom to her one year old puppy Beau-beau.

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